About Tom

Hi, I'm Tom Hince.

Birds and nature have been my passion for over fifty years. Through my work with the National Park service, the Discovery Channel, and BirdwithTom.com, I've been privileged to introduce countless people to the magic of birding. 

I have been a professional birding guide for nearly three decades and take great pride in providing the very best experiences for participants.

When I am not looking for birds... okay - that rarely ever happens! In my free time, my wife Kathi and Iove to photograph - birds! I am truly lucky to have a friend and partner who shares the same joy and passion.

How the life long obsession with BIRDS began...

I got hooked on birding at the age of seven. My school teacher, Mrs. Wright, showed my parents and I a Barn Owl hunting in late afternoon along a country road! I did my first big year at the age of ten, and skipped school at the age of thirteen to visit renowned Point Pelee National Park - a site that will forever be special to me.

My favorite birding DESTINATIONS are...

I love so many places but recently have been loved guiding in Australia, Brazil, Ecuador, Newfoundland, Alberta, Florida and Texas. But if forced to pick my top current sites I cannot get enough of...

1 the YUKON - one of the last great wilderness experiences on the planet. Realistic chances of seeing Lynx, Gray Wolf and even a shot at Wolverine! I've done six tours there and they all have been magical.

2 SOUTH AFRICA - it has it all - no place has a better combination of world class infrastructure (food, wine, accommodations) and landscapes, mammals, birds and wildflowers. Even after twelve tours there I get can't wait for the next trip!

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