2019 TOURS

GREAT GRAY OWL - winter 2015, Ontario

WINTER OWLS Feb 7 - 10, 2019

OWLS are a truly adored group of birds and this trip is all about getting great views of OWLS during DAYLIGHT! We might be out in the cold, but we won't be out at night. This is no 'owl prowl'! Past trips have recorded as many as EIGHT owl species with SIX being the median number. Typically this is a three night four day trip in early Feb. TONS of great rare winter bonus birds too! Please add your name to the HOT LIST of folks who are ready to hit the ground running!

AMERICAN SWALLOW-TAILED KITE preening - Florida Everglades


Ready to get a jump start on spring and a chance for some awesome photo opportunities? This is the trip! This trips includes a good chance for all the south Florida specialties including toughies like Mangrove Cuckoo, the pine woods trio (including Red-cockaded Woodpecker), spectacular nesting colonies of waterbirds, optional day trip to the Dry Tortugas, the legendary Everglades, and the Keys. Rarities we have found in the past include Cuban Pewee, Lasagra's Flycatcher,  Red-footed Booby, Black Noody and (Arawak) Short-eared Owl. 

CERULEAN WARBLER male, Point Pelee National Park


For over a century, birders have flocked to this magical peninsula. Each May, a remarkable 36 species of warblers pass through this tiny park. Among them are jewels like the Cerulean Warbler. Tom knows this park intimately and has birded here for the past five decades. Join a small group as we explore the magic of a May day at 'the point'. BONUS: HALF OFF TOMS NEW BOOK OF WESTERN LAKE ERIE HOTSPOTS!

LYNX, along the Alaska Highway - June 2017

"the" YUKON

Lynx. Grizzly Bear. Gray Wolf. Hawk Owl. Great Gray Owl. Boreal Owl. On this trip, it is unlikely you will see them all, but that is certainly a possibility! Indeed, all have been seen several times on past Yukon trips I have led! Truth is,words really can't describe what you will see, hear or feel on this journey. But, if past experiences mean anything, this will be a trip you talk about for a long, long time. This is the real deal folks!

A LEOPARD relaxes in a tree in Kruger National Park, SA

SOUTH AFRICA - Sep 13 - Oct 1, 2019

Grilled Kingklip (fish) fresh caught that day. Your first taste of a vivid Pinotage. A morning in the stark karoo. A Lammergeier (Bearded Vulture) soaring overhead. Iridescent sunbirds at minimum focus as the shutters click. The spine tingling roar of a huge Lion. The awesome thrill of finding a Leopard. Humpback Whales breaching in the Indian Ocean. A lone shepherd walking on a hillside in the "Mountain Kingdom". All of these memories could be yours to share on a South African adventure! 

A red-faced male GOULDIAN FINCH near Katherine, Australia

AUSTRALIA - Oct 28 - Nov 16, 2019

Australia truly is a naturalists dream destination. Where else can you see a Platypus, a Kangaroo, a bowerbird, or a Kookaburra? This is a world apart, with so many bizarre, unique and different birds and mammals. Our adventure will cover four of the best bird regions of the continent - with many spectacular possibilities! From Gouldian Finches to Cassowarys, and Echidnas to Wombats - this is AUSTRALIA!